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updating ubuntu 9 10 to 10 04-8

Also this will provide good performance as well as robustness.

If you are an Ubuntu lover and want to give a try to Ubuntu 14.04, you can grab ISO images and install it via USB.

You’ll have to reboot your system to install the new kernel.

Ubuntu 15.10 Released – Upgrade to Ubuntu 15.10 This version will be supported for the next 5 Years and this really a good news for business customers.

The above upgrade instructions was written for Ubuntu, but you can also use these instructions to upgrade any Ubuntu based distributions such as Xubuntu, Kubuntu or Lubuntu 14.04.

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This kernel, also found in Ubuntu 19.04, includes improved hardware support and performance tweaks.

But, if you installed the original Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, you won’t automatically be updated. Instead of offering the original Ubuntu 18.04 LTS image for years and forcing everyone to update a lot of software after installing it, Ubuntu regularly releases new Ubuntu 18.04 installers in ISO form.

The Ubuntu 18.04.2 release included a new “hardware enablement” (HWE) stack.

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