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Please get back to us, so we can help you sort this out. Thank you for contacting Social Media Support Channel.

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To make it easy for you, I’ve put together a list of the top four Twitter updates that you need to know.

Twitter has added some features that are great for customer service.

We recommend you update your Outlook for Android app to the latest version.

If the issue persists, you may contact our in-app support through: msft.social/ilus UU.

When was the last time you've successfully accessed it?

Hi Vlad, we can understand your concern that it could be annoying to have notifications pop up repeatedly.You can also set up automated welcome messages to respond to direct messages, which is handy to let customers know when the business is closed for the day or if you have a busy period and want to let customers know you’re working on certain issues and will get back to them as soon as possible.As of this week, Twitter has lifted some restrictions that made it difficult to fit everything into 140 characters or less: Twitter accounts with the blue badge show that it is a verified, authentic account in the public interest.If you add emojis to your name, they’ll appear every time you publish a tweet.This is a great visual way for Twitter followers to connect your Twitter handle and your brand whenever your Twitter content appears in their feed.The blue badge has been only given to accounts that represent people or businesses in entertainment, fashion, government and politics, religion, journalism and media, sports, or business. You can request verification by filling out this form on Twitter’s website.

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