Updating sql using gridview control Best friend chatroom no sign ups

The problem starts when you try to update the data which is already in the database.

Let's say you populate the List View with some data and now you want to edit it.

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Updating sql using gridview control

Mark Berseth wrote a very interested article about Bulk Insert Data Using List View Control.

Basically, the List View control is displayed with the Text Box controls in each row (like MS Excel).

If you try and run the page you will actually see the data in the Grid View. So we added two link buttons, one for Editing and one for Deleting.

But still, isn’t so fancy and moreover doesn’t support editing and updating records. The one for Editing has a Command Name attribute assigned to “Edit”.

Now you have to specify which database the Sql Data Source control will get data from. Click Next two times, leaving the default connection String name.

At the end of this wizard, a “connection Strings” element will be added to your Web.config file.

Data Item Index returns the rowid for the entire datasource, not for the page. Regardless, thanks for sharing your code here and at Grid View Guy.

If you are using paging, the index needs to be between 0 and the Page Size.

In a previous post we saw how easy is to bind data to a Grid View control, without using a build in Data Sources.

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