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What are the Advantages of Networking Dyn Ed's Programs?Most modern networks should be able to run Dyn Ed courseware.

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System load can vary from 22 Kilobytes for audio all the way up to 220 Kilobytes (90 Kilobytes in most courses) for video (per second per student).

On average, for our video-based courses (Functioning in Business and The Lost Secret) video is playing 80% of the time.

Thanks to neo Professional’s advanced AI technology, coaches can specifically address any problem areas learners have encountered during the self-study sessions.

“At Dyn Ed we are committed to English mastery for all employees of global companies, regardless of where they live, and we do that with a financially compelling ROI for those organizations with global needs,” says Ian Adam, Dyn Ed’s President and Chief Executive Officer. was founded in 1987 by a team dedicated to improving the quality of language education.

Our engineers will be happy to confirm whether or not the system described should be able to handle the number of simultaneous users required.

To order a Dyn Ed network site license, please provide the following information: * Dyn Ed's network licenses (and pricing) are based on the number of simultaneous users - i.e., the maximum number of students who can access the course at the same time.

announces today the release of neo ™ Professional, a comprehensive English language learning solution that combines mobile app self-study and one-on-one coaching that guarantees results for global companies that require their workforce to be fluent in English.

neo Professional will roll out incrementally across the globe during the coming months.

All servers and networks have limitations that may cause them to falter when the load exceeds one of their capacities.

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