Updating photo gallery

The first version of this software was included with Windows Vista, and it was designed as a Windows Picture and Fax Viewer replacement.The first version was developed in December 2001 as a Photo Library and it was released under the When Windows 7 was released, Windows Photo Gallery was removed and added to Windows Live Essentials suite.

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We have to mention that you can easily apply effects such as colour correction and exposure to multiple images simply by selecting them and clicking the desired effect.

Of course, if you aren’t satisfied with changes you can easily revert back to the original version.

Another useful feature of this tool is its batch resize that allows you to quickly resize multiple photos.

As for supported formats, Windows Photo Gallery supports the most popular image and video formats.

From here you tag people, add geotags, captions and descriptive tags.

In addition, you can choose between several colour and exposure presets, or you can fine tune all of these options manually.

EXTRA_OUTPUT, c Uri); start Activity For Result(intent, CAMERA_CODE); // launch camera What does this error mean?

No matter what I put under Data, opening the intent doesn't seem to open that folder, but instead it opens the android browser under the tab "Recent" I followed this question ANY TIPS OR SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!

I am currently using a photo gallery I built through Grid Layout but this seems to use a lot of memory (OOME coming up) when dealing with a lot of Bitmaps. ACTION_GET_CONTENT to open photos on the device and select photos through there.

The camera function works correctly as it takes the photo, returns to the on Activity Result function, and updates it to my Gridlayout photo gallery.

After you start the application you’ll see list of thumbnails from your Pictures folder, but you can easily add any other folder to Photo Gallery.

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