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Clicking on this will show a picture of the intersection along with an arrow indicating where you travel through the intersection.

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But, one GPS device doesn’t fit all, the Nuvi 350 lacks many navigation functions found in other GPS devices you might be interested in. In terms of the physical design, Garmin just about nailed this one perfectly.

Along the top of the device is the power button providing easy access when mounted on your dash.

The Garmin Nuvi 350 has become one of best selling GPS devices in the world, and for good reason.

It offers what most people are looking for in a first time GPS purchase; a pocketable device which is easy to operate and doesn’t have too many advanced features they will likely never use.

So when the kids are in the back of the car saying “Are we there yet?

” you can tell them that you are 43 miles from your destination (if you click to go to another screen) or you can tell them you will arrive at pm….The GPS chipset inside the “flip-up” antenna is the legendary Si RFstar III chipset.So you should have no trouble getting a quick signal, and one that will stay locked on even in areas where older GPS devices might have found challenging.What I don’t like is that in many cases there is no indication of which direction your next turn is directly on this screen if you forget what the voice said.Instead near the lower right is a field for “turn in” which tells you how far away your next turn is.It is not ridiculously large like some other mounts, it is easily adjustable, and there is a quick release button along the bottom of the mount.

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