Updating my fafsa

There are certain items that you must update: Federal School Code.

Note: No more than 10 schools may be listed on your FAFSA form at one time.

You can make corrections at any time before or during the award year.

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If things have changed since you submitted your FAFSA, ask for a review and provide any requested documents.

Here are examples of changes due to adjustments: Private Student recommends you consider all financial aid alternatives including grants, scholarships and federal loans (Federal Stafford, Federal Parent PLUS, Federal Grad PLUS) prior to applying for private student loans.

What kinds of changes can I make to my FAFSA Most information cannot be updated because it must be accurate as of the day you originally signed your FAFSA form.

For example, if you spent some of your savings after filing the FAFSA form, you may not update your information to show a change in that amount.

The easiest way to do this is to log in at gov use the IRS Data Retrieval tool to download the information into your FAFSA. Other types of corrections: You can’t make corrections to your Social Security Number online.

If you find a typo in your Social Security Number on the FAFSA, contact your college’s financial aid administrator for help.

The school removed from the list will not have automatic access to any new information you provide after you’ve removed that school.

Note: Tax return information you transfer via the Internal Revenue Service Data Retrieval Tool cannot be changed on your online FAFSA form.

If you filed a 1040X amended return, contact your school’s financial aid office to discuss whether it would be appropriate for the school to adjust the information on your FAFSA form.

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