Eroticchat ro foto - Updating modules dep

More so than any individual bit of information, it provides some broader benefits: .

There's more reference material and guides to be written.

The big theme of this release is performance improvements.

updating modules dep-24updating modules dep-73

There are two big aspects to the performance improvements: source metadata caching, and vendor verification.

Source metadata caching is an experimental feature that caches the result of all the parsing and code-backed analysis dep does as part of the solving process: reading in your dependencies' ), any combination of version and project that was already visited is retrieved from a persistent cache.

For the former, we have a fair bit of work underway that, now that this release is out the door, we can move on quickly.

That includes major performance improvements, solver improvements to pick a sane version more of the time with less manual intervention, allowing the field to work the way most people expect it to, and others.

This issue is a cornerstone of the criticisms of dep; addressing it has been a goal since before dep was first released.

v0.4.1 of dep has been released - and along with it, this site for documentation and announcements about dep!(Also also, the CSS on this site is terrible, please halp!) Right now, there's two aspects to the future of dep.However, we believe that vgo pushes the line too far.In pursuit of algorithmic simplicity, it establishes rules that ask people to prioritize the ecosystem above their own goals, and push unnecessary work on already-stretched maintainers.The goal is also to move dep towards a more regular release schedule.

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