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For that, you need a Logitech Harmony Hub, a Wi-Fi equipped puck that lets Echo talk to your TV and other home entertainment products.

Several of Logitech's fancier recent remotes actually come with the Hub, including the .

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The Logitech Harmony Remote software uses the Internet to communicate with your Harmony remote and our online database, third party programs can prevent the Harmony remote from communicating back to Logitech.

Below are some examples of programs that can interfere with the update process If you have any of the above programs installed on your computer or are using a router (wireless or wired) with a built-in firewall to connect to the Internet, you will need to configure them to allow access to the following sites: members.harmonyremote.comproduction.harmonyremote.comhelp.harmonyremote.commyremotesetup.comdealers.Since every program is set up differently, we recommend that you review the owner's manual or any documentation that came with your program in order to change this setting.

Since the Hub fires beams of infrared light in every direction to send its commands, you don't necessarily need a direct line of sight between the Hub and each device.

(Mine totally reaches my A/V receiver without.) But if your devices are inside a closed cabinet, you may need to plug in an additional wired IR blaster (typically included with the Hub) to reach other devices.

Link for the 10.7 / 10.8 Java Update - named "Java for OS X 2013-004" - is: problem is due to Java on OS X.

Apple released an updated Java package on 18th June 2013 and that seems to address the problem - I installed Harmony on my 10.8.4 system and saw the issue, I appleid the Java update for 10.7 / 10.8 and relaunched Harmony and it worked correctly.

(They use it as a wireless bridge so you don't have to point your handheld remote directly at the TV, or so you can control everything with your phone.) With a firmware update, Alexa can now send commands to the Hub as well.

But if you don't have the Hub, you'll need to get one.

If you’re using an older IR (infrared) Harmony remote, this tutorial won’t work for you.

When I want to turn on the TV, pause a movie or change the volume, I can just say the magic words aloud.

Most of this guide still stands, but if you skip down to steps 4 and 5, you'll notice a few differences.

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