Updating hp media smart server from dating to marriage

Click on “Your HDAs” on the left and then scroll down to the install code that was generated for you.After the initial drive format and file copy finishes, put in the install code when prompted.

Optional Step: There is a bug currently in the express CD which caused my machine to get in a loop repeating the above step over and over.

To get past this step, select the option to go to a debug console and run the command Config Amahi.

The machine will reboot (make sure you remove the install CD) and bring you back to one more screen to finish the device configuration.

After it’s complete your new HDA should automatically reboot and bring to you a login screen.

Alex explains how to get the latest version of Windows Home Server installed on either a EX485, EX487, EX490, EX495, X510 Data Vault or an LX195.

An excellent read for those of you with one of these servers to make it WHS2011 compatible, which can read here.Power on the system, check your router to make sure the device shows up on the network, and from another computer open a web page to configure Amahi.Our next article will cover setting up your new HDA with apps, users, additional storage, and all your files.Now that a lot of us have WHS2011 running, whose who have a HP Media Smart Server are asking what to do with their now old machines.So without further ado, those of you with a Media Smart can now install WHS2011 on it courtesy of ex HP employee Alex Kuretz of Media Smart In order to allow Amahi to change physical hardware we just need to configure the machine so that the network works on the new machine. Inside the text editor delete the line that starts with HWADDR and change the ONBOOT=no to read ONBOOT=yes.

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