Updating gtk

Blue is still blue (just a slightly different shade! Visually, the dark and light versions of the theme remain largely the same.Adwaita’s dark variant, showing the slight color changes between old (left) and new (right).However, we don’t want to put our faith in hope alone.

The Adwaita updated theme is being made available as a separate tarball in parallel with the GTK 3.24.3 release, and can be downloaded here.

GTK application developers are invited to try 3.24.3 along with the new version of Adwaita, and report any issues that they encounter.

These colours can also be used in custom application styling.

The color changes are subtle, so any compatibility issues between the new and the old versions should not be serious.

Adwaita has been the default GTK theme for quite a while now (on all platforms).

It has served us well, but Adwaita hasn’t seen major updates in some time, and there is a desire to give it a refresh.At the same time, 3.x is the main GTK version in use today, and we want to ensure that GTK applications don’t feel stale or old fashioned.A number of approaches to this problem have been considered and discussed.However, two places where there are widget-specific changes are header bars and buttons.In both cases, an effort has been made to be lighter and more elegant.The header bar in GNOME’s Calendar app (old version on top, new version on the bottom): Aside from header bars and buttons, the only other widget to be changed is switches.

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