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In her frustration, Angel banishes them back to the Spirit World.

Later, in Nirvana having arrived at the third Lacrima, Lucy reveals to Happy that she has no Magic Power left, but then she will not give up fighting until the very end.

Lucy forces Sagittarius's gate to close, only for Gemini to re-summon Sagittarius.

When Lucy tries to force him back again, she is unable to do it since Gemini summoned him and only they can force close the gate. Gemini is later summoned wielding Caelum, and then seduces and defeats Taurus.

Gemini first appears after the guild alliance leaves the Blue Pegasus' base.

While posing as Ichiya, they reveal themselves after stabbing Jura before leaving with Angel.

After retrieving information on Hibiki from Gray's memories, they assume Lucy's form and use Hibiki's weakness of women by exposing Lucy's breasts, much to the real Lucy's dismay.

Gemini, with Lucy's abilities, commands Sagittarius to attack Hibiki.

Natsu thinks of a quiz party game and Happy does a "Who is the real thing? However, the three Lucys aren't happy at Natsu for this suggestion.

When Lucy accidentally turns herself invisible using a Magic bath lotion, the guild comes up with an idea to have Gemini take on Lucy's appearance and take her position in the guild.

Gemini is summoned and it appears at first that the plan will work, as the guild members can't tell Gemini and Lucy apart, however Lucy calls off the plan after feeling she is being ignored.

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