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For instructions, see Build Tools or Drupal 8 and Composer on Pantheon Without Continuous Integration.

updating drupal core-82

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Updating your site often sounds much scarier than the actual experience is.

The most important step to remember is creating and testing backups of your site.

You want to update each thing independently so you can test and make sure things don't break.

So, I was searching around for 'how do I figure out why updating something with Composer doesn't update that thing? The most important is the command drupal/core 8.5.0 requires symfony/class-loader (~3.4.0)drupal-composer/drupal-project dev-master does not require symfony/class-loader (but v3.2.14 is installed)drupal/core 8.5.0 requires symfony/console (~3.4.0)drupal-composer/drupal-project dev-master does not require symfony/console (but v3.2.14 is installed)drupal/core 8.5.0 requires symfony/dependency-injection (~3.4.0)...

If you have a site that uses a number of contrib modules, and maybe even depends on some of their APIs in custom code or in a custom theme...

you don't want to be upgrading core and all contrib modules all in one go.

Apply one-click updates to individual sites repositories using the Site Dashboard on Pantheon, via Terminus, or manually from the command line.

Do not update core using the Word Press Dashboard, Drush, or WP-CLI; you will overwrite your core. Sites managing core with Composer are not compatible with Pantheon's One-click updates and must update core using Composer exclusively.

dependency (which is a dependency of Drush and/or Drupal Console, but not Drupal core) was blocking the upgrade on this particular site!

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