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The answer to that problem is not, however, to keep updating the database after every change.

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After the data is retrieved and stored in a dataset, the connection with the database is closed. The dataset works as a virtual database containing tables, rows, and columns. Connection String = "Data Source=KABIR-DESKTOP; _ Initial Catalog=test DB; Integrated Security=True" connection. Tables(0) End Sub End Class We have discussed that the Data Set components like Data Table, Data Column and Data Row allow us to create tables, columns and rows, respectively.

The following diagram shows the dataset object model − The Data Set class is present in the System. The following table describes all the components of Data Set − Data Row It represents a row in the Data Table. Open() Dim adp As Sql Data Adapter = New Sql Data Adapter _ ("select * from Customers", connection) Dim ds As Data Set = New Data Set() adp. The following example demonstrates the concept − So far, we have used tables and databases already existing in our computer.

Net since data is transferred to and from a database through a data adapter.

It retrieves data from a database into a dataset and updates the database.

The objects to retrieve data from and resolve changes to the data source. NET Framework Data Provider for OLE DB includes an Ole Db Data Reader and an Ole Db Data Adapter object, the .

NET Framework Data Provider for SQL Server includes a Sql Data Reader and a Sql Data Adapter object, the .

Populating a Data Set from a Data Adapter Describes how to fill a events and how to use them.

Applications communicate with a database, firstly, to retrieve the data stored there and present it in a user-friendly way, and secondly, to update the database by inserting, modifying and deleting data. An application accesses data either through a dataset or a data reader.

Retrieving Data Using a Data Reader Describes the ADO.

NET Data Reader object and how to use it to return a stream of results from a data source.

We have a table stored in Microsoft SQL Server, named Customers, in a database named test DB. Sql Client Public Class Form1 Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As Event Args) _ Handles My Base. String", "Student Name") Add New Column(Students, "System. Get Type(column Type)) End Sub 'adding data into the table Private Sub Add New Row(By Ref table As Data Table, By Ref id As Integer,_ By Ref name As String, By Ref city As String) Dim newrow As Data Row = table.

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