Updating cpu microcode Morli xxx

Care will have to be taken to avoid deadlocking with the time calibration rendezvous, and facilities such as the watchdog might temporally need pausing.The XSplice work seems to require also to rendezvous CPUs, that functionality can / should be reused for this same feature.

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In this guide, we're going to show you how to update the CPU microcode in an Award or Phoenix BIOS.

If you have an AMI BIOS, check out this guide instead.

If you don't know what your CPUID is, check out the following guide: How to get the CPUID, Stepping, or s Spec for an Intel CPU.

You should be able to update it the same way you'd update a normal BIOS.

Distributions wishing to use the sysfs interface should check for the existance of the sysfs file entry before trying to echo anything into it.

In the future in order to make use of run time microcode updates userspace for a distribution can be updated to use the proposed xenmicrocode tool instead of the sysfs interface when Xen is detected.

Debian is known to handle run time updates on Debian stable by whitelisting known well working microcode files.

Debian unstable does not allow any run time updates as black listing is a reactive process.

The following microcode is only compatible with method 1 of this guide (it's in a combined NCPUCODE. This makes it easier to update all of your microcodes at once.

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