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Then I did several coats of Krylon gloss white spray paint. You have to apply this clear finish within an hour of spray painting your last coat of paint or 48 hours.

Yes, well that’s where I found myself several weeks ago.

Let’s call it making lemonade with a heaping serving of lemons.

This project was inexpensive and it made such a big impact in our mudroom.

It started with a few Habitat Re Store light fixtures and some NEW!

Leaving them a solid color with some rosettes or other trim is another option too. I think I need to nail down the look and feel I want in the room first.

The first chevron shade is very modern and fun, while the second one is more cottagey and homey feeling.Here’s the story of 2 brass lamps I bought a while back at Value Village for .03 each.I see brass lamps like these all the time, but I was excited to find a matching set. I spray painted them, but I either didn’t take pictures of the process or they have mysteriously disappeared off of my memory card??Any residual decal came off with a little scrubbing. Spray Painting Light Fixture: While the glass was drying I took apart the rest of the light fixture; removed the light bulbs and sleeves and covered the sockets with tape.A quick wiping with a clean rag and the fixture was ready for some spray primer and oil rubbed bronze spray paint.(Feel free to download the pdf file for your personal use.)I printed the pattern out on my laser printer, and filled in any white spots with a black pen.

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