Updating addons wow

Most addon developers don’t want their addons published by Wo WMatrix.

I’m respecting addon developers work, so I’m not going to use Wo WMatrix and I’m not going to recommend it.

This situation has remained the same through the last 10 years.

It upgrades the game, and designs it to its own taste.

Once you check out all those add-ons, your look at the game will change, and Vanilla will become just a distant newbie past.

On the other hand, you should get rid of outdated addons.

In addition, you can also rename all your Saved Variable*bak files to *and see if that restores things. Of course, don’t forget to back up the WTF folder before trying to change files extensions.

Are you having some other possible solutions or ideas related to the subject?

Please be free to share it with us in the comments section.

An addon developer can request their addon be taken down from Wo WMatrix. Developers are salty about addon managers listing their stuff that they haven’t given permission for? The situation with Wo WMatrix hasn’t changed at all.

They don’t host addons, they don’t provide developers support, no forum, no nothing - they leech download bandwidth other sites pay for and monetarize this leeching.

They have a donation system where you can donate directly to a developer.

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