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I will try to re-download the update and attempt to update it again.

I will try to re-download the update and attempt to update it again. I noticed that after I insert the USB drive, it is detected and does say Updating navigation map. But if I go to Home and back to Navigation, it pops up the same message every time.

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"Enter the VIN to check your vehicle's Map Care status and to access the latest maps." I'm pretty sure "Map Care" means whether you are entitled to free map updates. OTOH my Mac isn't happy about the HERE Map Downloader installer, even after I changed preferences to allow "apps from anywhere" to be opened. Got an email some time ago saying that because of memory limitations the device is no longer capable of storing the current map set so no further updates will be provided.

I downloaded the update and followed the directions for updating.

If you didn't want to pay $200 for a nav disc update, you should've gotten a Kia and a Tom Tom You're an idiot...

whoever says pirating software is stealing is an idiot.

It comes up on the screen that it is updating the maps and then the message disappears and it does not update anything.

It doesn't show a status at all and no message appears that it is finished.The actual navigation system of Acura is an Alpine unit running Windows CE on a SH-4 processor.There is the program called Dumpnavi which will pull out and modify the files contained in a . Some of the things that can be done by this program are changing the background picture to your own personal image, removing the words "Navigation Screen" at the beginning screen, and change some of the words that pop up.I put in my VIN and it wants me to download the 6/27/2018 version. COM website: " And now, updating your map is easier and more convenient with fresh map available to download four times a year at no additional cost. Unfortunately there's no mention I could find of how long this is good for.I haven't done it yet because I only have a 16 Gb thumb drive. They wouldn't have the nerve to charge me for an update on a car that was delivered 6/6/2018, would they? So did my Tom Tom but, unfortunately, that turned out to be 'product lifetime'.If I turn the car off and open / close the door, and restart the RDX, this pop up message is gone, even with leaving the USB inserted.

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