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Log General("Finished looping through file types.");" It's just that even though the method finished, On Updated never fires.It's almost like after a certain amount of time, the extender stops listening for a response or something. Here is what I think might be the problem--these processes happen asynchronously.Though, through logging, I know the code itself isn't hanging, it's always getting to the end of the button's On Click method.

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The real issue is that the On Updated property of the extender is not always firing and this seems to be related to how long the process started by the btn Generate Test File's On Click method takes.

When it's short, everything works as expected (the update panel updates, the On Updated actions fire), but when the process goes for longer than a couple minutes, On UPdated never fires.

Some time Server take some time to bind the data to Grid View.

So we want to add a few feature like fading out the Grid View and placing progress indicator over Grid View so the user known an Operation is currently going on .

That was just a small reference to make sure that I had the right thinking, and to explain the reason for the previous question...

The Async Post Back Trigger is not going to help you, since you should be getting an Update from the button, just not all the time.

er's On Updated property then hides the "Processing" message and enables the buttons.

It works fine sometimes, but when more than 3 of the 6 boxes are checked, it sometimes hangs and never runs the On Upated commands, just leaving the buttons disabled and the "Processing" message up.

Then when the On Updating animation fires the Script Action, find the div, set the display back to visible, figure out the bounds of both the Grid View and the progress div, and finally do the math to determine when the div needs to be placed to overlay the Grid View.

The on Updated function just sets the display style of the div back to none.

This means that we can't guarantee the order of operations.

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