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Administrative personnel at Lafayette area hospitals, St.

Elizabeth East Hospital and IU-Arnett Hospital, responsible for compliance with Medicare rules provided the following information.

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Due to the complexity and opaque nature of hospital pricing, the chargemaster lists are unlikely to provide clarity and usefulness to the average person.

There are other sources that may be of greater assistance in helping consumers evaluate hospital costs: 1) FAIR Health makes available resources that help consumers understand their health benefits, plan their costs and make the most of their medical and dental coverage.

With our ever-changing economy, new medical research, the rising cost of prescription drugs and other issues, there certainly will be new information to share.

With seminars such as this, the Purposeful Living in Retirement program in the spring, and programs at PURA’s monthly luncheon meetings, we’ll do our best to keep everyone up-to-date.

Included was important advice about financial and health care issues, senior living options, and more, featuring local experts sharing their expertise on issues which all senior citizens face as they age, including these, and more.

Evaluations from those in attendance were overwhelmingly positive and generated discussion about repeating this content in future years.

Typing in the hospital’s name along with keywords “billing” or “chargemaster” might produce a link.

If lists are located, the numbers can be misleading and will not help patients figure out their true costs.

Contact the United Healthcare Customer Service number on the back of your Part D or Medicare Advantage ID card to ask for the “Direct Member Reimbursement Form” for prescription reimbursement.

If you have questions or problems, please contact Kate La Mar, Human Resources, at [email protected] (765) 494-1694. The inpatient or observation status of the patient affects Medicare and supplement insurance payments to the hospital, to skilled nursing or rehabilitation facilities, and for prescription drugs.

Health Care Bluebook Fair Price is the reasonable amount one should pay for a medical service.

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