Two bottoms dating

This is a common scenario and can create strain in an otherwise perfectly compatible partnership when everything is aligned just right except the bedroom satisfaction element.

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Getting into a pursuer-distancer cycle will only serve to create more distance and anger.

Sometimes pulling back can create a scenario where trust, curiosity and desire builds to the point where experiencing more vulnerability and experimentation sexually can occur.

Sexuality is a very important aspect of a relationship for many, and you’re going to definitely need to sit down together and communicate your needs and feelings.

Relationships are about compromise and exploring with each other the possibility of both of you switching sexual roles from time to time.

Creativity, “edging” your partner’s desire and arousal and keeping him on his toes can go a long way toward satisfying one’s libido.

But from a more controversial yet realistic standpoint in our community, many couples in these arrangements have successfully created a relationship contract in which outside liaisons with men of the opposite sexual role are acceptable or a third partner is brought into the sexual domain to help meet this need.

Do either of you have fear/anxiety or discomfort around your masculinity or gay identity that gets triggered during gay sex, or are there power and control issues at play within your relationship?

You’ll want to identify the etiology first so you truly know what you’re dealing with.

She's 23, straight and curious how gay guys answer the sex issue of who's the top and who's the bottom.

How do you decide when someone's going be a top and when someone's going be a bottom? If you're like myself, you lean toward one (in my case, that's bottoming), but you're not opposed to both.

The problem was, I ended up not staying to true to myself.

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