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Many Teen Wolf fans were too hung up on Allison and Scott to make room in their hearts for Isaac.

Well, at least one person let Isaac in: Crystal Reed.

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Elle reported that last week, as the couple was returning from a Paris vacation, they were ambushed at the airport by an aggressive photographer who refused to take a hint.

Although photos had surfaced of the two kissing while on their trip, he was still hounding them for verbal confirmation.

Viewers read into every Instagram post and photo shoot, uncovering plenty of evidence to fuel their suspicions.

After a year of speculation, and an adamant refusal on either actor’s part to confirm or deny the rumors, it would seem that the couple finally has finally gone public.

According to People, the couple got together during the first season and called it quits shortly before the fourth and final season came to a close.

One Tree Hill fans who felt that Peyton and Lucas were meant to be together were shocked by the season 2 revelation that he was actually in love with Brooke. Making matters worse, their characters were now a couple again.

In real life, the romance between Jason Segel and Linda Cardellini outlasted the series, which was canceled long before its time.

Segel told LA Times that it was his breakup with Cardellini that motivated him to write Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

People reported that Dyer and Heaton were spotted on the red carpet for the 2017 Fashion Awards back in December.

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