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Ask questions about their processes to ensure your data is secure.

Even if part of your device is not functioning (i.e., the battery) and you can’t start the device, there are still ways to back up or access the device data.

A 2016 DNR survey indicated that data security concerns were one of the primary barriers to recycling electronics.

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Returning Members – Evaluations and rehearsals will be held on August 19-20.

Percussion: Music Auditions – Please refer to the information in the Drumline Handbook.

Think about whether there is sensitive data stored on your devices and determine the best method of protecting that data.

Think about when you would like to get rid of the electronics and whether you will be able to transport them yourself or need to have them picked up.

If computers or other electronics are in good working condition, you may be able to donate them to a school, nonprofit or other organization.

Call any organization first to make sure the equipment would be useful to them.

It’s also important to make sure a recycler is sending electronic components on to responsible “downstream” processors to minimize any chance of environmental pollution.

For more information, see: Recyclers registered with E-Cycle Wisconsin meet a set of environmental standards set by the DNR.

Recycling fees vary between sites and calling ahead can help determine the total cost of recycling your electronics.

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