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Later that evening, Rindō Kobayashi paid his booth a visit bringing along with Sōma and Megumi Tadokoro to experience his cooking.Because of his own wariness, he cooked behind a one way window, allowing him to concentrate on his cooking as the patrons at his booth watched.After Sōma and Megumi finished their courses, Eishi came to their table to chat.

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Tsukasa and subaru dating

As a member of the Elite Ten, Eishi and the other Elite Ten Members attended the Autumn Leaf Viewing ceremony so the first year students who participated in the 43rd Annual Autumn Election Main Tournament could formally meet them.

After the commotion caused by his fellow members, he started the event by requesting to have tea with everyone present.

While Eishi was not seen taking part in the Survivor's Purge, it is likely that he competed in some of the Shokugeki's, contributing to the purge of numerous research groups.

Due to the shifts in Tōtsuki's structure, Eishi was brought in as a substitute teacher for a first-year class.

When cooking for others, he constantly frets over small things that may cause them to feel uncomfortable such as the condition of their seating or even the temperature of the venue.

Regardless of his self-doubts, Eishi has a profound and philosophical outlook on exploring the vast world of cooking, and is committed to his position in the Elite Ten as it affords him the most opportunity to take his explorations as far as possible.

Afterwards, Eishi left the premise to prepare for the last fall event: The Moon Banquet Festival.

On the fourth day of the festival, Eishi heard that Terunori was surpassed in sales by Sōma on the third day.

This change in leadership meant that there was a lot of paperwork to be done.

Unfortunately for Eishi, Terunori refused to participate in the council, Eizan was busy accepting Shokugeki challenges against the Elite Ten due to the forced disbanding of numerous Research Societies, and Rindō wanting to see Eizan's Shokugeki, resulting in him receiving all three of their paperwork on top of his own.

Unlike most other chefs in Tōtsuki who constantly express themselves through their dishes, Eishi refuses to place himself in his dishes, choosing only to focus on the food itself.

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