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Before I get into how to sync the other calendars, let me give you one more quick tip.

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I currently have a trip that has both hotel and air reservations in Trip It; it's been in there for weeks, and the trip starts tomorrow, but it still hasn't shown up in Google Calendar.

Oddly, I have past trips, in the last few weeks that are correctly in Google Calendar.

Eventually, I landed one some Google page that mentioned this specific link: For some ridiculous reason, a link to this page does not appear anywhere on any page while in Google Calendar.

However, this page is key to getting those other calendars to show up in the Apple calendar app.

If you only need the calendars to sync, just turn everything else off. Note that the only calendars that will sync are the ones listed under My Calendars when you go to calendar.on your desktop.

Now open the calendar app on your phone and you should see all the appointments from those calendars listed under My Calendars.This problem frustrated me for a long time before I was able to figure it out.In this article, I’ll quickly show you how to enable normal calendar syncing with Google in i OS followed by how to sync any other calendars you might have. First, go into Settings and tap on Mail, Contacts and Calendars.Syncing your default Google Calendar or any custom calendars to your i Phone is pretty easy these days in i OS.Once you add your Gmail account under Mail, it gives you the option to sync your calendar, contacts and notes.They should be by default, but if they are unchecked, then you won’t see those events.

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