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I’m Brittney - an award-winning, nationally published lifestyle photographer in the sunny, eastern corner of Washington state.

I hope that someday I am at least half the person she is, as a wife, a friend, and a mom.

I couldn't be more thankful to have been blessed with such a fun and supportive person in my life!

That is where our family's relationship with Brittney Kluse comes in. She captures the beautiful moments in our family life for us to cherish forever.

Her photographs alone speak volumes but you also get the professional, energetic, and engaging personality that is Brittney. From newborn photos, to bedtime routines, to first days of kindergarten we have let Brittney into our life and never regretted a moment.

I have truly learned that over the past 21 years, life will give you way more than you are expected to be able to handle.

Brittney has taught me; whether she knows it or not, to live everyday to the fullest no matter what challenges you may face.

We love her perfectly imperfect sessions to capture real life, the styling and energy she puts into her mini-sessions, and the full sessions that the entire family looks forward to.

Even the photo shoots themselves are great memories and leave our kiddos asking "When do we get Brittney pictures again?!

By the time she was finished, the kids were having such a good time they hardly noticed they were taking pictures!

We will always cherish the moments Brittney captured of our family in our new home! ""Brittney's one-on-one mentoring session was life changing for my business.

Featured on photography blogs, including: Seniorologie, Lemonade and Lenses, Beyond the Wanderlust, Beauty Revived, The Art of Whimsy, Photo Business Tools, and more."Fun, creative, outgoing, hard working, your daughter's personal champion of beauty - that is Brittney Kluse!

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