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Just say when.” — Brian Koppelman (@briankoppelman) June 27, 2019 Even when the tragedy of the fatal Rio Grande crossing of Oscar Martinez and his daughter Valeria was highlighted and voices were raised, the discourse was no battle cry.

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Gabbard, and ex-congressman John Delaney rolled out the Twitter version of their life stories and weaved focus group lines into rich topics like pay equality, the environment, and their universal agreed- upon need for universal health care.

Ryan’s ripping of Trump aside, ex-San Antonio Mayor Castro took the best lunge for a breakout in the first hour on immigration.

So I took it upon myself with their blessing to go out there and talk about it, and to tell people, ‘Hey, being gay is not a big deal at all.

But be proud and be out there and raise the flag high.

For one thing, with the MAGA POTUS watching and tweeting from Air Force One, the gloves barely came off on Wednesday against the man most Democrats want to see impeached and thrown behind bars.

In fact, long after Holt proclaimed on NBC, MSNBC and Telemundo that “Tonight we are going to take on many of the most pressing issues of the moment, including immigration, the situation unfolding at border, the treatment of migrant children,” it took until nearly 50 minutes into the two-hour debate for the first real swipe at Trump.

Just print it out and tape it to the bottom of your TV!

#Late Show LIVE ZBEc0f S — The Late Show (@colbertlateshow) June 27, 2019 ’s Guthrie and used her time on the query about the economy to launch into the speed metal version of her substantial structural change stump speech.

star had to share with the mag: On how her older brother’s relationship is the healthiest she’s seen: “The healthiest relationship that I’ve ever seen and grew up with was not that of my parents, it was that of my brother [Trevor] and his boyfriend [Nick] who have been together – still to this day – for 11 years.

That has been my most healthy parental relationship that I’ve ever seen.

Jay Inslee praised unions as “the people who brought us the weekend” and attacked the CEO of Mc Donald’s as being overpaid.

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