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The small and medium sized categories were pretty well covered.

What Tonka needed was a series of trucks that screamed I'M BIG____I'M TOUGH____I'M A TONKA.

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But all was not as rosy as it may have appeared to most Tonka employees.

In the early 1980's, Tonka needed to do something to remain competitive.

Because of the lower manufactured quantities, certain models can command higher prices in the collector market.

The first Mighty Tonka was introduced at Toy Fair in New York in early 1964. In fact, the new Mighty Dump was initially assigned to Tonka's Regular series.

elcome to my Online Museum for Old and Vintage Tonka Toys.

I have putting together photos I have taken of my toys to build this terrific online reference and Museum Website with Literally Thousands of photos documenting the history of Tonka Toys from 1948 until the late 60's.

They were in random order with their area of responsibility: Leif Sundlie - steel stamping; Frank Whittaker - inventory control; Virgil Pehle (deceased) - steel subassembly; Gary Quast - finished goods distribution; Ben Harder (deceased) - truck driver; Roy Larson (deceased) - truck driver; Verne Larson - plant manager; Ron Eikanis - plant maintenance; Miles Thayer - production control; Sally Swanson - raw materials buyer; Melinda Johnson - final assembly; George Hill (deceased) - plant maintenance; Art Rognass - injection and blow molding; Keith Baillif - injection and blow molding.

Once production lines in Mound stopped running, 6 additional Mound employees transferred to El Paso.

They were: Betsy Wetzel - bill of material maintenance; Dick Stefanic - final assembly; Jim Fisher - raw material planning; Tom Murphy - buyer (steel); Nancy Quast - material information system and Janette Rognass - material information system.

With key personnel in place, the hiring and training of the Tonka El Paso workforce began.

Keep in mind that Tonka has, over the years, manufactured millions of Mighty Tonka models.

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