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When you go meet them, they ask you why you haven't been successful, try to mak you believe they are your only hope, then try to charge you 00 - 00. That was a disaster, and she asked for her money back. Only 1 had potential, and that guy wasn't interested in her. Even if you don't meet someone special, the party is still a lot of fun.You can mingle, network, flirt and enjoy the music, dancing, party snacks and beverages (of various kinds).Wayne, Indianapolis, South Bend); Kansas (Wichita and Kansas City); Louisiana (New Orleans); Maryland (Columbia, Frederick); Minnesota (Minneapolis); Nevada (Reno); New Hampshire (Hooksett, Nashua, Portsmouth and Salem); New Jersey (Bridgewater, Clark, Colts Neck and Lawrenceville); Ohio (Cincinnati); Pennsylvania (Mechanicsburg); South Carolina (Greenville); South Dakota (Sioux Falls); Texas (San Antonio, Beaumont and Houston) and Virginia (Falls Church).

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To find an organization in your area, search for "Singles Parties, or region.

For example, to find such a club in the Bay Area, you might use Google and search for: Singles Parties, San Francisco Bay Area In Sacramento, your search might be: Singles Parites, Sacramento The club I like these days in Northern California the Professionals Guild, which also offers business networking along with its singles parties.

Best wishes, pinkfreud Ron, Thank you very much for the five-star rating!

I just realized that nowhere in your question did you specify your friend's gender.

I guess "technocrat" just sounded to me like a guy. Instead the matchmaker calls (mine a sadistic _ _ _ _ _ named Arlene) who says it's in my best interest to agree to meet with a married, but going to be divorced match. The once-a-month mail with a new match (name, phone) never comes.

It's odd how deeply ingrained some of these assumptions can be! Don't go near: "Together Dating" has offices in Encino, Irvine, Los Angeles,and San Diego: Together Dating .... You fill out a questionnaire; they contact you; you make an appointment when they go over your likes and dislikes...after they have verified your credit card. Meanwhile your credit card was charged immediately.That commitment to our members has played a significant role in our longevity.” DATING THROUGH THE YEARS Together Dating Service, headquartered in Baltimore, MD was founded in 1974 in Rochester, New York. In 1997, Together Dating Service corporate underwent a significant reorganization as franchisee Brad Megahan took the reigns as the company’s President.The company began franchising in 1981, and immediately experienced explosive growth as the number of single folks in the U. Paul Falzone, who served as Together Dating New England general manager from 1989 to 1990, was responsible for 14 offices in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Maine.I'm trying for my money back, but meanwhile I intend to post this wherever I can find chat site. Speaking as a guy who wants to meet younger (Hi Classylady, I cannot comment on Southern California as I live in the Bay Area. He then had a come-to-Jesus discussion with the owner.One of these services mentioned above - Together Dating - is horrible. They are like used car salesman - very high pressure sales tactic. My business partner (36-year-old male) had good results here with a dating service run by a woman named Kelleher. The very next date led to a long-term relationship that came very close to marriage. I had a female client (38-years-old) who used a ~00 dating service in the East Bay (either Walnut Creek or Berkeley---not sure). ron Dating Services and Singles Parties I've always found singles parties fun and enjoyable and a good alternative to dating services and the "bar scene." You can often meet 100's of singles in one evening and check them out face-to-face.As the world’s largest ‘brick and mortar’ introduction service, Together continues to position itself as an industry leader with a recognizable name that customers can trust.

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