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Aden also gained recognition as being a popular "bad boy" from Inside Soap.For his portrayal of Aden, Lasance won the award for the "Most Popular Actor" at the 2009 Logie Awards.

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You could have played a secret identical twin, or come back as a ghost. I mean really, I’m sure they could have just brought me back from the dead if they wanted to. I’ve had a few people come up and talk about how upsetting it was for them – ‘You were my favourite character, it was so, so sad when you died.’ And about the drug storyline that led to my death, especially; a lot of people would come up to me with their own stories.

It makes you think, ‘Wow, a lot of people are really connecting to this.’ And that’s another amazing thing, thinking about people crying for your character; the audience is the whole reason TV exists, but you never really think about it.

The couple became popular with viewers and fans coined the term "Adelle" to refer to the pair.

Other storylines include holding those closest to him as hostages and being admitted to a psychiatric ward.

Aden Jefferies is a fictional character from the Australian Channel Seven soap opera Home and Away, played by Todd Lasance.

He debuted on-screen during the episode airing on 4 August 2005.You’re watching in the comfort of your own home, with people you love all around you, and with you’re watching people your age, doing the stuff that you do – it’s really easy to take that warmth and transfer it to the characters on the screen.But at the end of the day, death is just really good for ratings!A friend of mine made a really good point about it recently.Prime time shows tend to be watched by whole families, at home, together in the living room.After a hard battle with drugs and a cancer diagnosis, Belle died dramatically in her husband Aden’s arms soon after their honeymoon.? But in some ways it made sense — and I was kind of glad, because it felt pretty final. It’s weird to admit this, you know — it’s a TV show — but I was with those people for ten hours a day for four years. I was lying on a bed, and he was crying, screaming, and the cast and crew are watching, but I have to be dead. But the finality of it, the fact that this character that you spent so long playing is not going to come back. The other thing is I was 17 when I started on , and I was playing a character who was going through a lot of the same things I was. I really felt connected to her, so in that way it was kind of like losing a friend or something. Did people come up to you on the street after you died, to talk it through?

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