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He came out with a blazing one-two punch of "Second One To Know" and "Without Your Love" and packed a stadium sized onslaught into a 9,000-seat arena. »»» Cody Jinks asked the crowd a bit into his show how many had never seen him before.It seemed like Jinks has made a lot of musical inroads into the public's consciousness because roughly three quarters of the audience raised their hands to show that this was their first time.These are the touchstones of country , the guys who made country music what it was and still is (or maybe can be).

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A living legend and an inspiration to upcoming artists, Keith has no less than 20 albums to his credit with massive sales recorded worldwide.

Initially working towards his future dreams other than music, Keith’s story transcends over four decades and about four different career paths including rodeo riding, pro-football, the oil fields and of course the music industry.

While doing music by the side, Keith was fine with his career choice until the oil industry hit a downturn.

Struggling financially and unsure of the future, the country singer made the decision to pursue his music career fully in the mid-1980s.

The roots rock icon, known for his work in The Dils, Rank and File, Blackbird and Cowboy Nation with his younger brother Chip, had been diagnosed with cancer in March 2018,...

»»» Until recently, Chris Shiflett took a somewhat obsessive/compulsive approach to his music career.

»»»Larry Sparks was still a teenager when Ralph Stanley chose him to replace his brother Carter Stanley as guitarist and lead singer in the Clinch Mountain Boys in the wake of Carter's passing in December 1966.

Considered a traditionalist in the country music genre, Toby Keith has graced some of the world’s biggest stages.

Working with longtime collaborators Scotty Emerick, Bobby Pinson and Rivers Rutherford, "Drinks After Work" is chock full of blue collar ethic, humor and some heartbreak.

Most of the album is driven by big hooks and country guitar, However, Keith experiments a bit stylistically with computerized hip hop on the party anthem opener, Shut Up And Hold On, a Buffet-esque steel drum on »»»When names like Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Waylon and the Hag are invoked, you're talking hard core country.

The song itself is featured on Keith's platinum "White Trash With Money" album.

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