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Bipolar Disorder Type 1 (Bipolar I Disorder) is differentiated from Bipolar Type 2 (Bipolar II Disorder) by establishing that a person has experienced at least one full-on manic episode during their life.

Despite the criteria stating that only one manic episode must occur, a person with Bipolar Disorder Type 1 will often experience more than that.

Bipolar Disorder is a severe mental illness that is characterized by episodes of depression and mania and hypomania.

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Other Mood Stabilizers Tegretol and Lamictal are also common mood stabilizers used to treat Bipolar Disorder.

They can prevent episodes of mania or hypomania and treat depression.

So, it is relatively common, and it is worth it to understand the following symptoms so that you can recognize them in yourself or the people around you: Symptoms of Mania Pressured speech or speaking loudly Going from one idea to the next rapidly Increased energy Inability to slow down Decreased need for sleep or insomnia Grandiosity or inflated self-perception Compulsive or excessive spending Hypersexuality Impulsivity Substance abuse During a manic episode, a person may spend excessive amounts of money, engage in promiscuous behavior that they would not frequently participate in, appear narcissistic to the onlooker, and so on.

A manic episode can last for a couple of weeks or a couple of months.

Mood stabilizers such as lithium are especially useful in treating mania, and lithium itself has been used for over sixty years to treat Bipolar Disorder.

When taking lithium, a person’s blood levels must be monitored in addition to the monitoring of their kidneys and thyroid, which may be affected by the medication.

The emotional pendulum that bipolar disorder subjects its sufferers to can easily lead to severe life problems.

No-one feels exactly the same from day to day or even hour to hour, but the shifts in mood and energy bipolar disorder causes can have a significant impact on a person's ability to deal with day to day activities and issues.

Children can’t necessarily put a name to their feelings when they have Bipolar disorder because they don’t fully comprehend what mania is, but as they grow up, they will begin to understand their experiences better.

Approximately 2.5% of the United States population lives with Bipolar Disorder, which is about six million individuals.

The symptoms of this illness vary regarding length and severity.

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