dating for two months what to expect - Tips for dating a cougar

The age gap in a relationship is no longer important as long as you find something in common.

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However, the only weakness it has is that it's a little difficult to navigate due to the web page design.

It does not quite match the search features, nor do the size and buzz of our top choice, Older Women

If you’re a real novice when it comes to cougar dating, you might be wondering “what is a cougar? A cougar is a sexy, experienced older woman, usually in her 40s, who likes to date younger guys. Well here’s our first cougar dating tip: be as mature as possible.

You might be younger, but don’t expect a cougar to act like your mom. If you want to be with a cougar, she’ll have certain expectations of you, one of which is that you behave like a gentleman and treat her with respect.

This can be anything from a successful career, a skill she’s interested in, a trade that could come in handy, a spiritual life that you want to share, or even speaking another language. We know that can be a difficult stance for a young man to occupy, which is why she’ll find it all the more impressive when you do.

Your six pack will get you in the door, but if you’re planning on staying more than just a night, we suggest you show up with something else, too. Ask her what she likes, ask her to teach you or show you about herself and her experience, and we guarantee you’ll learn some new tricks and acquire some new skills.

Older women dating younger men is a total win-win in our opinion. You’re just here because you want to know how you can make cougar dating work for you and we’re here to help.

Keep reading to find out our top three cougar dating tips to help you succeed at older women dating.

To find the attractive, legitimate women, you have to search and search.

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