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An international conference held in Toronto last October concluded that an Internet identification system is critical to stemming online fraud.

The Dating Passport offers the solution for millions of people now dating online.

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Kail and her family, I will definitely visit regularly.

She's been a blast to watch the last few months as she's now stringing words together, and well of course giving us her opinion on nearly everything.

Deborah Nelson of Colorado Springs, CO, knows first-hand the horrors of this terrifying scenario and is helping others to prevent it from happening to them.

In her true story, Ooops, I married a Con Artist, Nelson illustrates that now, more than ever, singles need to know the identity of the people they are dating.

When The Dating Passport members want to verify each others identities, they simply agree to exchange Dating Passport ID Numbers.

The annual fee covers an unlimited number of ID verifications.

"This is just what the con artist counts on--an element of denial working in you while they work their magic on you.

As the saying goes, 'Love is blind,' and while your intentions are based on giving and receiving; theirs are based on taking whatever they can, and then leaving you.

" This is her solution to the growing problem easy online anonymity, false dating profiles, and Internet Dating Fraud in the 21st Century.

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