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Illustration of marriage on ‘THE RELATIONSHIP LIFE CYCLE CURVE’ above is the apex, i.e., where the topmost curve with the tiny red ink touches the vertical line or dots identified in between maturity and decline stages.DECLINE STAGE This phase defines happenings that are not pleasing to the union – simply put, gradually there’s nothing interesting about the union any longer, which could be owed to some habitual doings and excesses within or outside one or both parties’ control.

However, it may not be enough grounds for separation or breakup, in lieu, a way to realising the wrongs to forge ahead for greater success – possibly marriage.

MATURITY STAGE Introduction to the respective kindred and friends; in most situations, the relationship couldn’t be deemed matured for a possible nuptial if there’s the absence of any formal or informal introductions, thus to families and or friends of both parties – there maybe a few exceptions though.

But I’m being real, while I form a part of the sinful majority – may God proffer us remission, especially me.

Sex for many others (mostly females) is a big deal, which couldn’t have been deemed a misplaced primacy, clearly when issues of ethics as well as several religions including Christianity, and Islam frown on its early occurrence prior to a nuptial.

Now, ceteris paribus from the onset of the courtship thus far, then a glorious nuptial ceremony would be the befitting crown for the conscious efforts of both parties – the bride and groom.

But really, how distinctive is a courtship from a nuptial?Time (on the imitated diagram above) in this context defines the extent to which a given relationship can travel over a period.Alright, so let’s expatiate on the four (4) stages for individual determinations.The cycle represents four (4) stages: introduction, growth, maturity, and decline as displayed on the original diagram above—the right one.THE RELATIONSHIP LIFE CYCLE model also pursues to portray the period over which two or more individuals of same or opposite sexes find a novel casual or intimate relationship(s), which are similarly characterised by the same four (4) stages upon which I seek to do a human relationship rendition as duly captured and unveiled in the imitated diagram above – the left one.Firstly, it’s only academically decent to acknowledge that the subject matter and its related concept constitutes my personal rendition – but relationship-wise, of the impeccable theory – THE PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE that was once developed, propounded and popularised by the renowned American economist, Raymond Vernon.

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