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I don’t know that many people that would put up with me for that long and I don’t think he knows many people that would put up with him for that long.” And when can we expect to hear more new material from The Kills?

“Well, we were on tour for nine straight months last year, and then got off and then went back on the road,” Mosshart told NME. We haven’t really stopped, but I’m always writing, I know Jamie’s always writing.

We just went and recorded, for fun, some covers of some songs. We’re just trying to figure out the rest of this year and it looks like we’re pretty much gonna be touring for the rest of this year.” While discussing the potential of The Dead Weather reuniting for a new album and tour, Mosshart also spoke to NME about defiance in the age of populism and Donald Trump, The band have also covered Rihanna’s track ‘Desperado’, taken from their upcoming ‘Non-Electric EP’, ‘Echo Home’ – due for release on June 2 digitally, before a physical 10″ vinyl release.

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'This rumour is particularly grotesque,' she says The Kills‘ frontwoman Alison Mosshart has issued a statement regarding tabloid rumours that she and Jack White recently engaged in a fist fight while drinking in a New York bar.

According to Mosshart, she and The White Stripes man, with whom she’s collaborating in the new band The Dead Weather, did no such thing.

I think he was just surprised that it went on and became a real thing, as we all were. It was just one of those things where, if something’s working like that, you have to do it. Obviously none of us needed a second job—or a fifth job, in Jack’s case.

The single (“Satellite”) builds to this wall of sound, with a gospel choir. And there’s even a piano ballad (“The Last Goodbye”). I was writing a certain type of song—a really American song.

“I’m just wrapping up a tour with The Kills and then I’ll be back with The Dead Weather for the release of the album and a tour.

It’s a really great group of people to work with and I can’t wait for everyone to hear the album.” The Dead Weather are set to kick off their North American summer in Louisville, Kentucky on June 11.

“It’s very trying and you can’t really have too many dreams of a normal balanced life. You do catch breaks, but I think that’s more to do with it than anything, so I always have a lot respect for bands that have stuck around for a really long time.

Especially the ones that aren’t playing stadiums and arenas, because I know that until you get to that level it is really, really tooth and nail.” She added: “Whatever crazy idea comes into our heads, that’s like gold.

takes us down some new roads as far as Kills records go.

Having a long overdue teenage crisis at age 23 worked out very well for Alison Mosshart, aka "VV," from the seminal new band the Kills.

I’d come home and he’d be gone—and vice versa—and it just sucks, ’cause we miss each other. He’s been a musician since he could pretty much walk.

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