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I do not care that these people are famous they do not do improv well.

Wild n Out is a great example of how in American culture the mindless masses can be force fed something that is crap, but given enough pub it becomes hot by default. MTV in the past has been known for innovative ideas.

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There are many awkward situations which is very interesting, really funny jokes, games are also well created.

The host, Nick Cannon, maybe he gets dissed a lot of times, but if we could see him from the other side, he's amazing, funny person, and actually he got talent.

It all culminates in a freestyle comedy battle to decide who wins fame and who goes home in shame. Contestants seem to reach for too many Cliché's.

The guests always resort to lame stereotype role-playing.

If you know anything about and are familiar with "cappin" or "dissin" or improv of any type, then you may like this show, black, white or otherwise.

This show is a lot like Who's Line but it is based in current events and current celebrities are spoofed.This show/movie is very funny anyway you would already know that if you do know nick cannon as he is a comedian himself.this is one of the movies i have watch that is not sad at all but you will still cry and need lots of tissues not because its saddening too but because it that funny.Please cancel this lame cocktail party called wild n out. I heard some laughing from the audience, which led me to believe that something funny was happening off camera, but they wouldn't show it, and instead focused in on the dread that was happening on stage.I'm not really sure what was going on, the audience kept on going wooo, which seems to amount to laughter now-a-days.Perhaps their was a fight going on, which much to my dismay, they would not show.

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