Xnxx web live cams - Tf2 validating problem

You can do it manually from the properties tab by right clicking in the game list.If something goes whacky with your game, this sometimes fixes it.

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Since TF2 was currently uninstalled, I did this and then installed TF2. And, finally, and this was a big mistake I think, but I backed up my steamapps folder and then reinstalled steam.

It recognized the files, and it said it was installed. I try to boot up the game, and it tries to validate the files. When steam came back, my planetside 2 install was fubared, and when I tried to backup from laptop, steam screwed up that one by refusing to make the backup and validating the files and trying to install an older version of the game.

I then spent the last few days redownloading it on my terrible connection (actually did so twice because I accidentally killed it again).

Some games installed some small patches, no problem.

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Visit Stack Exchange For a few months now, Steam has been validating my files whenever I open it. What exactly is Steam doing when it says that it is validating files, and why does it need to do it so frequently?You know what ended up fixing the problem: I deleted everything in the registry related to Black Mesa or the Source Engine. I suggest going through your registry and just clean it out. (If you're on Win 7, go to start, type 'regedit', run the .exe)Idk what registry entries to touch so that may be a bad idea.My current solution I'm trying is redownloading the shared source files.EDIT3: Yep, upon watching my MW3 folder for changes and what has been updated last during validation, I've concluded for some reason Steam keeps deleting and redownloading iw5over and over again.I'm guessing that's why TF2 is wanting to redownload a 3.5 GB patch too....probably downloaded it and then turned around and deleted it.EDIT5: Problem also affects CS: S, HL2: DM, Do D: S, and both Left 4 Dead games.

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