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Prenter allegedly denied the other members access to Mercury.

The horn arrangement for Mercury's "Staying Power" was added by Arif Mardin (who also produced Chaka Khan and added horn sections to Bee Gees and Aretha Franklin records).

The lyrics of "Dancer" are also notable for being the only ones on the album that make reference to the album title itself. As a single, it stalled at number 40 on the UK charts.

"Body Language" is atypical among Queen songs, being the sole single released by the band that does not include guitar.

The song itself – a fusion of rock and disco – is something of a follow-up to "Dragon Attack" from the band's 1980 album The Game in that it fuses heavy elements of music with danceable ones, as Led Zeppelin did.

The phone message at the end of "Dancer" is in German, and was recorded in a hotel room in Munich; it roughly translates to "good morning, this is your wake-up call".

The original demo of the track featured a guitar instead of horns.

The bassline of May's "Dancer" was played on an Oberheim OB-Xa synthesiser by May.

So if the unexpected happens, a repair could leave you out of pocket.

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