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To his own amazement, he had actually agreed to meet her offline. He called her kiddo, but she'd shown him her college ID, driver's license, the teaching certificate she'd gotten. He stirred the coffee, just like he had the previous year, staring at it. And now Jack had more people working for him than anyone else in his division, with expanded territory, bigger sales – his boss was thrilled.

If she was really everything she'd claimed – if she was really 21 – if she really showed up... "You know I'm 54, kiddo," said Jack, stirring his coffee. She was about 5' 7", soft brown hair cut in one of those retro bobs he'd seen in magazines, with the points by her jaw longer than the fluffed up part in the back. "Sales are – not so good." Heidi was a good listener. So here they were again, ready to start out for the summer. She was asleep in the seat next to him, Jack driving carefully down the highway in the dusk, watching the exit signs.

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She had also used the thigh belts tonight; black leather, they strapped snugly against the tops of her thighs, putting slight pressure on her skin, and rubbing against her crotch when she walked.

Around her wrists and ankles, Heidi wore leather cuffs, a D ring on each one. Delancey stood as well, fumbled slightly, sat, then stood up again.

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