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Wait a bit longer till your Tamagotchi changes once more, then use the Dating my tamagotchi v5 has just changed into an adult this morning ( there ever so cute ) but i heard i am going to have to wait about a day or to till i can go onto the dating show or marrige :) i have tryed lots of cheats but none of them seen to work. Warning the other tamas will cry and leave from tamagotchi. every says over and over, 'u have 2 wait 2 days to get married'!!! so i am just going to wait =]the dating show is a matchmaker! After they leave you will get 3 new tamas and it will be generation 2! you go from baby to child to teen to adult to OLDER ADULT.

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S You guys are ALL Amatures HAHAAHAHAHAHHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HA HAHAHAAHAHHAHA MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA Still laughin' AAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHHAHEHO! so why dont you all just shut your faces and answer the actual question. if you go on the dating show then you can get married but you have to wait 2 days after ur adult then u can date you get 1, 2 or 3 babys and start again OH AND BY THE WAY ...... if you have makiko or kuro mametchi (or both) it is supposed to go faster, but im not sure 3don't have to have them evolve again, just go on the channel 4who you want to get married 5matchmaker will suggest 2 people per day, and if you reject both then she goes to sleep for a day.

i dont give a *** about "beating the system" and honestly, i bet most of the people on here are 9 year olds, with no friends. wait 1.5 to 3 days (depends on who you have) 2 and a half.

Please note that these cheats only work for the V5, they won't work on the V5.5 or Celebrity version.

Fuji072: 07700 43292 (t) Japanese wooden doll (Kokeshi)073: 07700 43393 (t) carp windsock074: 07700 43494 (t) panda075: 07700 43595 (t) koala076: 07700 43696 (t) merlion077: 07700 43797 (t) Chinese fan078: 07700 43898 (t) batik cat079: 07700 43999 (t) Statue of Liberty080: 07800 43091 (t) Liberty Bell081: 07800 43192 (t) space shuttle082: 07800 43293 (t) cowboy gear083: 07800 43394 (t) totem pole084: 07800 43495 (t) double-decker bus085: 07800 43596 (t) bull086: 07800 43697 (t) La Bocca della Verita087: 07800 43798 (t) Eiffel Tower088: 07800 43899 (t) windmill089: 07800 43990 (r) heart key090: 07900 43092 (r) palette (Ciaotchi)091: 07900 43193 (r) airplane ticket (JALtchi)092: 07900 43294 (r) bow (Depagatchi)093: 07900 43395 (r) book (Jidoutchi)094: 07900 43496 (r) T-shirt (Uniqlotchi)095: 07900 43597 (r) debit card (Nanakotchi)096: 07900 43698 (r) computer097: 07900 43799 (r) bottled water098: 07900 43890 (i) magnifying glass099: 07900 43991 (i) whistle100: 07001 43094 (d) roll cake101: 07001 43195 (r) Morikamitchi102: 07001 43296 (i) watering can103: 07001 43397 (d) creme pastry104: 07001 43498 (i) karaoke machine105: 07001 43599 (r) trophy106: 07001 43690 (i) jukebox107: 07001 43791 (m) maki108: 07001 43892 (m) pizza109: 07001 43993 (d) cookie110: 07101 43095 (i) mirror111: 07101 43196 (i) Repotchi DVD112: 07101 43297 (m) fried egg113: 07101 43398 (m) mushroom114: 07101 43499 (d) gingerbread castle115: 07101 43590 (r) pottery116: 07101 43691 (r) cruise ship117: 07101 43792 (r) family trip ticket118: 07101 43893 (m) canned fish119: 07101 43994 (d) mochi120: 07201 43096 (d) cocktail121: 07201 43197 (i) necklace122: 07201 43298 (d) gingerbread house123: 07201 43399 (i) pinball machine124: 07201 43490 (i) lady's hat125: 07201 43591 (i) clothes126: 07201 43692 (r) cell phone (Melulutchi)127: 07201 43793 (i) noise maker128: 07201 43894 (r) Magokorotchi Location indexm = meal - food menu, first optiond = snack - food menu, second optioni = item - treasure chest menu, second optiont = souvenir - treasure chest menu, third optionr = rare - treasure chest menu, fourth option Just a quick note: I've recently opened up a new website (click here)and I would appreciate if you checked it out and told your friends about it.

I thought that it was worth posting here:"if you want to get a certain character to mate your tama, but it isn't coming up on the dating show, and you run out of chances do this.

When the matchmaker falls asleep if you go on dating show set the time to midnight, then to lunchtime, you should be allowed to go on the dating show again.

It's a photo retouching site, just upload your photo and I will make you look like a photo model from a fashion magazine :) Price is only per photo. You can chat with other visitors on this site in real time.

The tamachat is on this page on the right of the screen.

Family Album Have a child grow up to travel the world or let them live on the island to unlock the Family Album. Celebrities Scan the indicated QR code to unlock the corresponding celebrity as an inhabitant: Miis dislike competitors Play "Quirky Questions" at the Observation Tower. Nintendo Land reference Give your Mii a Wii U as a gift to occasionally see him or her playing the ninja mini-game from Nintendo Land.

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