Taiwanese dating etiquette

Maybe, it's the first time that you have come to China and you haven't called at any Chinese family before.Here, you can get some very practical tips of a Chinese family visiting.

He has been very polite, so I don't think he would tell me, if I offended him by doing so.

We are hosting a 14 year old girl from Beijing for the school year. Plus, as her host mom, I want her to feel like she is part of our family. I would lean towards a hug, but I don’t want her to feel awkward. You can cook many delicious local food or some Chinese food and prepare a comfortable and beautiful bedroom for her.

Before your China trip, do you want to learn something practical about Chinese people's greeting etiquette?

In this section, you can get some knowledge of how Chinese people greet with each other. In this section, you can learn some Chinese about how to introduce yourself to others and some tips of self-introduction.

After being introduced, you can shake hands with each other and give mutual greetings, sometimes with an exchange of calling cards.

Introduce to others In China, there are many strict conventional rules on introduction to others:a.

Like the people in western countries, the Chinese are particular about the table manners.

Through this section, you will have an acquaintance with how to use chopsticks correctly and other manners about dining.

Ethnically, Chinese and Taiwanese are considered to be the same.

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