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Two decades into the 21st century, the internet is still a hot spot for porn — and there are still criminals who take advantage of man’s (and woman's) innate lust for, well, lust.

A new email extortion scam claims to have webcam footage of you on a hot date with yourself, as well as whatever provocative material you were viewing, and demands that either you pay up in Bitcoin or your friends will see it all.

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In most cases, the passwords concerned were several years old.“I’m aware that (password) is your password,” the message begins.

Once the scammer has grabbed your attention, he or she claims to have infected a porn site with browser-based malware that recorded both your onscreen activity and your webcam footage.

Independent security blogger Brian Krebs and infosec news site Bleeping Computer both heard from readers that they’d received such email messages. A Dutch security researcher examined a few dozen of the Bitcoin addresses referenced in the emails, and found that they had received in excess of $50,000 as of yesterday morning (July 19)."A growing number of my friends are posting on social media or other outlets that they've received this; I'm seeing one or two posts per day right now," Sue Marquette Poremba, a freelance information-security writer, told Tom's Guide.

"Some are laughing it off as ridiculous; others are (wisely) reporting it to their ISP and police."Boilerplate extortion In all cases, the extortion message is the same, except for the username and password, the amount of money demanded and the Bitcoin address to which to send the payment.

In the past several years, major companies such Adobe, e Bay, Linked In and Yahoo (twice) have fallen victim to database intrusions, massive security failures that let thieves steal billions of username-password combinations.

Finding online lists of these purloined usernames and passwords isn’t difficult.

MORE: What to Do After a Data Breach Evidence of this scam began popping up online a week ago.

Researcher Johannes Ulrich received the message himself.

Why this threat is hollow But first, let’s deal with the username and password, the parts of the scam that grab your attention.

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