Steve harvey new dating website

Women, he says, are apt to wax poetic about finding a soulmate but undermine themselves by being too picky in the parameters they use to screen candidates.

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"It's sad to say, but the divorce rate in this country is so high, there are a lot of young men out there, quality men, who've never been told, 'Hey man, this is the proper way to treat a lady,'" he says.

Both sexes ought to understand that, if they're looking for a spouse, they shouldn't waste their time on Tinder or other high-volume, low-investment dating apps.

Yet any woman who buys into them is bound to be disappointed by the online dating offerings out there -- which is why Harvey is launching his own dating site.

Called Delightful, it's a joint venture with IAC, the company that owns, Ok Cupid, Tinder and a slew of niche-oriented matchmaking services.

"The one thing I know about women is women don't really want to just date," he says.

"They want to date with the hope that it leads to a relationship." Men are more interested in playing the field, he believes.The family gathering appeared to go well as they shared laughs and chatted throughout dinner.After the dinner, Diddy was seen traveling with the rest of the family, and getting on board the Harvey yacht."I thought Match should have a love-oriented product." Per Harvey's Mars-versus-Venus reading of gender politics, Delightful will cater primarily to women, but also to men with a womanly interest in settling down.For women, there will be advice columns on topics such as "how to become more dateable"; for men, instructionals on being the kind of man who knows how to treat a woman."We're not looking for one specific person, per se," he says.

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