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Note - Although its possible to use an HTTP MP/SUP for CMG functionality, this blog post follows the recommendation of HTTPS over HTTP.

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Let's start the journey to manage the clients over internet.

These procedures use an enterprise Root certification authority (CA) and certificate templates appropriate for a test environment ( as a proof of concept).

In this step, you deploy your website using VS Code and the Azure App Service extension.

This tutorial uses the most basic deployment model where your app is zipped and deployed to an Azure Web App on Linux. Once the deployment starts, you're prompted to update your workspace so that all subsequent deploys automatically target the same App Service Web App.

As of 1610 the Cloud Management Gateway is a Pre-Release feature which isn't enabled by default.

Follow the steps below to enable – To view the status, open Cloud You will see the Azure Cloud service is created and the Cloud Proxy Service.cspkg file is deployed.Switch one of the test client from the domain network to public internet.If you have a Cloud Distribution point, the client will be able to download the content.PFX) of the recently created certificate Finally, we end up with 4 exported certificates'.2 Azure Management Certificates, 1 Cloud Management Gateway Certificate and 1 Client Root Certificate.You can verify the information in the Config Mgr control panel applet in the Network Tab.

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