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Right-click your taskbar and select Start Task Manager to open the task manager.

Be sure to change Steam’s CPU affinity back to the default – using all cores – before launching a demanding, modern game.

However, this may not always solve the problem – if the problem has already started occurring, the gameplay may be glitchy until you relaunch the game.

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From the Settings window, click the Downloads Cloud tab and select a different server from the Download region box.

You’ll have to restart Steam after changing this setting.

Be sure to close Steam completely (click the Steam menu at the top of the Steam window and select Exit) before deleting this file.

Steam periodically detects the closest download server to you.

What I have tried to do in order fix this issue: - Verified integrity of game files; - Updated driver cards; - Reinstalled the game; - Restarted Steam/Uplay/computer; - Started Steam/Uplay/Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege as Admin; - Went to the game directoryand deleted three files, as it was said in previous threads: 2 in "Shop Items" and 1 in "addons".

cant play the division because of crappy server disconnections and now cant play R6.

If none of these solutions helps, try Googling the problem – you may have run into a game-specific problem with a game-specific solution or just a more obscure Steam bug.

If a game fails to load, crashes as soon as it loads, or crashes when you reach a specific level, your game’s files may be corrupted.

In the properties window, click the Local Files tab and click the Verify Integrity of Game Cache button.

If Steam itself is failing to launch or you still experience odd issues with games not working properly, you might want to try deleting your Client file.

However, these download servers can become overloaded – if games are downloading slowly, you may want to change your download server.

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