States mandating flu vaccine How to have random cam sex

But is this the best bet for flu prevention – or legal trouble waiting to happen?

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Two other employees voluntarily resigned from their positions.

Although such policies aren’t officially supported by the CDC, they’ve been touted as the best way to keep hospital patients who are already in poor health from becoming more ill, and several hospitals have reported positive results since implementing them.

Those who refuse, for whatever reason, couldn’t be penalized in any way.

Legal challenges to these policies have also come from the hands of employees themselves, as shown with one case detailed in , a South Carolina-based newspaper.

And most employees decide to get the flu shot, with few objections or issues.

In fact, after Loyola University Health System in Chicago instituted a mandatory vaccination policy four years ago, the health system experienced a 99% compliance rate, with few employees deciding to object to the policy or quit their jobs, reported Science Daily.

Not everyone’s enamored with such policies, though, and that’s where the problems come in.

This summer, a bill was introduced in one state to ban employers from requiring flu vaccines – hospitals included. Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R) created the law after healthcare workers in his district complained of being fired after refusing to be vaccinated.

Besides the standard exemptions for medical or religious reasons, it’s important to take all objections on a case-by-case basis, considering the employee’s real reason for objection and working with the person to come up with a viable solution before terminating them altogether.

Other alternatives may be available for those who don’t wish to get the flu shot, such as New York’s mandate requiring unvaccinated employees to wear masks during flu season.

This has not stemmed the tide of opposition to mandatory vaccination policies.

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