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This is a “potted version” of things that I have found on the Web; I hope you find it useful and Happy Stargazing…Maybe come and join us one day!There is a wealth of useful information on the web., but remember to type in UK to make sure it is geared to the Northern hemisphere sky. ” or go straight to always use “Go sky watch P” which is a completely free app, easy to download.

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It goes through phases so that it can sometimes be seen as a crescent through a telescope, like our moon, and takes 225 days to orbit the sun.

Uniquely It takes even longer to spin on its axis, at 243 days.

Consequently our moon rises and sets at noticeably different times each night.

These times can be looked up on the web very easily for your area.

Follow a line from the saucepan to the other side of Polaris and you will find Cassiopea , the Queen seated on her throne, she is a classic W of five stars and circles around Polaris opposite the Plough.

The Andromeda galaxy lies just within the circumpolar circle, out beyond Cassiopea.

Stargazing in winter on Exmoor is chilly but massively rewarding as Orion, The Hunter, comes into view in October.

He can be seen in the south with his very obvious belt of three stars with two stars spaced above and two below.

The first constellation to identify is The Plough, also known as The Big Dipper, part of the constellation of Ursa Major, the Great Bear, and, occasionally, called the saucepan which is a more accurate description of the shape of it!

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