Sprung the dating game ds walkthrough becky

Oddly enough, this game isn't a Japanese game and that means that no, the girls in it are not anime babes.

Don't fret though, they're still pretty damn cute and hot ^_~.

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Updates should come by frequently in the next few days so don't worry too much and if something isn't there yet, wait a while.

----------------------------- Copyright Disclaimer ------------------------------- This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright(c)2004 to Wanglicious/Dark Zero104. With that legal mumbo jumbo out of the way, I personally don't care if you want to put it up on your site, so long as credit is given to me of course.

You can play the entire game strictly by using the D-Pad and A and B, X and Y aren't even used. well, a D-Pad does in a game (Up, Down, Left, Right), A is used to confirm and continue the discussion, B is used to cancel, and either A or B will speed the text up (it all appears at once as opposed to scrolling). To confirm it you tap it again (amazingly complicated ain't it? If you tap the top of your screen you'll see a small bar show up where on the left is items, the right is pause (SELECT and START respectively). 3) Use Item (Choose 1.) 1) What if you be me and I be the girl?

Click the screen while someone is talking so you can speed it up as if you were pressing "A" or "B" --------- Glitches ------------ 1) Well, in my first runthrough I found a few glitches. ------------------ Walkthrough ------------------- Ah, the game itself.

And no, I don't mean that stuff you can find online (like online flash games), but I mean commercial games.

And I also don't mean Hentai games either (although some mix dating and the hentai together, ala Seasons of Sakura), as we have had a few of those come to us. well, they aren't deemed the most popular games outside of Japan.

3) Use Item (Choose 1.) 1) It's so cute how your cheeks get all red in the cold.

Objective: Equip yourself for either severe babe-hunting or one-on-one romancing! 2) 'Outie' bellybuttons always make me feel kinda strange on the inside. 2) Becky is smart, beautiful, funny ..could have any guy she wants!

4) Use Item (Choose 2.) 1) Thank her for a great evening.

2) Thank you for the pleasure of your company this evening.

Objective: Get the VIP pass from Conor, the Lodge rich boy who runs the hip club, Sanctuary. 4) Sorry, I get a little jittery before I've had my coffee. (Choose 4.) 1) You obviously don't know much about snowboarding, do you? 2) I recommend the Double Black Diamond Ultra Custom Z-X5. 2) The board never matters, its the person on the board that makes a difference.

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