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If you are recording multitrack music you are going to be less than pleased with the performance of any internal sound card.

You really want an audio interface that is external to your computer that provides direct monitoring from the interface.

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They originally cost around $600, but have been discontinued so you can find significant deals for them.

I would strongly recommend that you get an external interface WITH ASIO DRIVERS FROM THE MANUFACTURER (not ASIO4ALL).

I’ve been using Sonarr with Sabnzbd, Plex and a QNAP NAS for some time with no problems.

Since installing Windows 10 I’ve had issues and whilst I’m fairly sure they’re not caused by Sonarr I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas on a resolution.

I'm upgrading my old XP pc and need to know what type of sound card i should get to work with Sonar 5 Producer edition. I mostly record audio (vocals) with backing tracks, so it's pretty simple.

I've heard that internal sound cards have been replaced by better usb sound cards. Victor The answer depends on just what you are doing with Sonar.To know how to resolve this problem, read Fix the firewall problem if clicking Fix Now does not fix it.Norton displays the message: "At Risk: Your browser is not protected from intrusion attempts", and the problem persists even after you click Fix Now. Depending on the security status of your computer, Norton will try to turn on the feature that is disabled, or try to update the definitions, or run a scan.If your subscription is expired, you will be prompted to renew the subscription.To know how to resolve this problem, read Auto-Protect is turned off and clicking Fix Now doesn't fix it.

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